The Gendarme has been outfitting Seneca Rocks climbers since 1971. The Gendarme’s extensive collection of antique gear served as the inspiration and core content of The Seneca Project. On this page, explore The Gendarme as it looks today, and view some of the gear collection. Also, be sure to check out the Gendarme’s gear catalog from 1982, as well as the Chouinard “Clean Climbing” catalog from 1972, both graciously contributed from The Gendarme’s collection.

The original Gendarme catalog, from 1982.
The catalog that started the clean climbing revolution: the 1972 Chouinard Catalog.
The original, 1971 guide book to Seneca Rocks -Robinson’s “Little Red Book”
The 1975 guidebook by Bill Webster and Rich Pleiss.